101 Advanced Visionary Insights That Will
Instantly Elevate The Emotional Power Of Your Images
Discover How To Quickly And Easily Transform The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary.

If you've ever looked at a National Geographic magazine and though to yourself…  “I wish I could create images like that,” then you’ll absolutely love this brand new training, 101 Visionary Insights.

Designed to ignite your creative fire, this inspirational body of work reveals 101 advanced visionary insights that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and in turn empower you to  consistently create more evocative images... all without you having to spend a cent on equipment or software.

Comprised of the most powerful creative thoughts and intuitions of ten internationally celebrated outdoor photographers, these advanced insights are definitely not the usual tips you'll find on the web.

Rather, these are  little-known high-level insights gleaned from decades of in-the-field experience that will instantly enrich your unique creative voice and ultimately elevate the joy you experience from your photography.

Regardless of where you live or what your photographic prowess, with this heightened perceptiveness you needn't ever struggle to create stunning images again.

Never Be Stuck For Creative Ideas Again - Select Your Preferred Training...

Option 1: 101 Visionary Insights eBook

Comprised of 101 stunningly beautiful images, this 170-page eBook shares 101 advanced creative tips that will  instantly elevate the emotional power of your outdoor photography.

Each image is accompanied by a short yet powerful practical insight that you can quickly and easily integrate into your own visionary workflows to create highly evocative images... regardless of what camera you currently shoot with.

When you invest in this option, you will get instant access to your “101 Visionary Insights” eBook.

Option 2: 101 Visionary Insights Video Series

Over the course of 10 riveting and revealing videos (4 hours in total), you'll hear each photographer share the creative thoughts and processes behind all 101 images in much greater depth than is covered in the eBook.

With this deeper understanding, you’ll possess a more expansive way of “seeing” which in turn empowers you to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary

These intimate and inspiring narratives will give you rare insight into what it takes to consistently create breathtakingly beautiful outdoor photographs.

When you invest in this option, you will get instant access to your “101 Visionary Insights” Video Series, which you can conveniently watch on your computer, laptop and/or mobile device, whenever you want, for as long as you want.

Option 3: 101 Visionary Insights Platinum Package

If you prefer to receive the highest level of tuition at the best possible value, then our “101 Visionary Insights” Platinum Package is for perfect you.

Not only are you getting  instant access to both the 101 Visionary Insights eBook and Video Series, you’re also getting Jay and Varina Patel’s acclaimed eBook, “Vibrant Colors”absolutely free!

That’s $49.00 worth of value for less than the price of lunch.

When you invest in this option, you’ll get instant access to the “101 Visionary Insights” eBook PLUS “101 Visionary Insights” Video Series PLUS Vibrant Colors.